Random and Fun Handmade Cameras

IPhone Camera

This camera I made as a play on the mobile photography fad. Don't get me wrong, I actually love shooting with my IPhone and believe it's an incredible tool. I just think some people take the debate a bit to seriously. 


The camera itself is very limited as it does not have a shutter and uses regular photo paper. It also has a single shot capacity making it very impractical for a modern photographer on the go. 

But the photos are already black and white and in a round frame, making them perfect for Instagram!


Hard Drive Camera

Yeah, I just kind of cut a big hole in a hard drive, removed the platter, replaced the platter with photo paper, and build a tent around it with a pinhole in it. 

Book Camera

Book camera  | book made into large format camera

A While Back I was hit by a car while taking photos with one of my cameras. My Fuji 90mm (the lens used here) was damaged beyond repair. 

But instead of throwing it out I used the very damaged lens to make a somewhat functional camera... out of a book... 

2-Way Pinhole Camera

2-way pin hole camera | 8x10 pin hole camera

One Camera... Two Lenses...

In this camera, the film is the lens. 

The camera Records two images 180 degrees from each other. The lens for one image is made out of the film from another.